Energy Industry Services Resolute Provides

The team members of Resolute Engineering have been part of the Oil and Gas industry for a long time. They represent a broad range of services and understanding within the energy sector, and are continually following changes and needs in the oil and gas industry. We are involved with researching and developing processes and technology that provides our clients with "green resources" and addresses the important issue of reducing carbon footprint and improving your bottom line.

We have stood in the trenches, crunched the numbers, wrangled crews, and we have been SUCCESSFUL. We are engineers, designers, managers, mappers, and much more, ready to work for you.

Engineering/Design Services

Resolute Engineering has resources from all engineering and design disciplines (electrical & instrumentation, process, mechanical, structural, and civil). Team members are respected professionals and highly experienced in working on energy projects of all sizes. We have consistently provided clients across the world with outstanding engineering and design services.

Route Development

Finding the most workable and cost-effective route for your project is key to your project success. Using advanced, state-of-the-art technology, tools, and team experience, Resolute can quickly and accurately provide you with an overview of the most cost-effective, least resistant path for your pipeline -- all with minimal cost and time required from your team.

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Project Management

Whether you are relying on our team to manage a major pipeline project, a pump station design and installation, a petrochemical plant, or a processing facility, we have the expertise and experience to help you be successful.

We have the technological knowhow and the "boots-on-the-ground" experience that sets us and your project apart.

Construction Management

Our team has tremendous versatility in this important area. Whether it is building a plant or transmission pipeline, providing hydrostatic testing, or helping manage a horizontal directional drill, our people are there to ensure your project is constructed to industry standards and is built as safely, efficiently, and as cost effectively as possible. There is no substitute for industry experience and first-hand knowledge. And our team brings an abundance of both.

Fiber Optics

The team has excellent network design, engineering, and construction management with metro fiber installations. Our focus on network design, layouts, and fiber installations, as well as oil and gas installations, has provided our team with continual project and construction management work though our entire careers.

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Material Specification

When it comes to your project, it is one thing to say "this is what we have normally done in the past" and yet another to know and understand "this is what needs to be done now, for this project, to make sure it meets regulations today." That is the important distinction our team brings. We know the industry, we understand the requirements, and just as important, we understand the process requirements and our clients' expectations.


Our team has tremendous experience in getting the right materials, in the right place, at the right time. And that is what procurement is all about. We have worked with industry vendors, so we understand the industry and we know the questions to ask to ensure your project is delivered as expected -- on time and on budget.

Project Start Up

After all the engineers, designers, and construction dust have settled, getting your project started and functioning as you expected takes a whole different skill set, and a high-level understanding of processes, regulations, safety, and system integration. We have the resources and expertise available to make sure the step-by-step processes in this transitional phase are followed.


Resolute Engineering has access to some of the most technologically advanced mapping resources available -- including BlueSky, Lightning, AutoCAD and ESRI. But perhaps more importantly, we have personnel resources that have a firm understanding of areas, such as construction right-of-way and easement regulatory requirements, so you can be sure your project is starting on the right foot. Our mappers are able to supply the entire team with accurate information that is the foundation for your project.

Engineered Construction Alignment Drawings

(Alignment Sheets)

Alignment Drawings contain many facets of engineering and design for project success and compliance with pertinent regulations. Many states require an engineering stamp on engineered systems such as pipelines, and we are able to fulfill those requirements with the most qualified engineers. Our engineers have significant experience incorporating stakeholder data through all phases of the design lifecycle, resulting in forward thinking thought processes and providing the low cost solution.