Pipeline and Route Development Tools

Some of the biggest factors that separate successful pipeline projects from those that fail is planning, preparation, and evaluation BEFORE any other aspect of the project begins. Having accurate and complete information at your finger tips, as you make the crucial decisions regarding your pipeline, is of the utmost importance.

Unfortunately, historically, getting that information required a significant amount of time and money, most often when the industry was in a "race to the market".

Today, Resolute has the tools and technology available to provide you with upfront information that analyzes aspects of your project, such as environmental concerns, terrain, habitat, communities, homes and buildings, railroad crossings, roads, bridges, landowners, property line lists, schedules, permits, and more.

Within a matter of hours, we can give you the preliminary information you need, provide you with a variety of suitable alternatives, and finally, make recommendations tailored to your exact needs and considerations, so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with your project.

Our team's experience and understanding of construction requirements, landowner and land-use issues, schedules, routes and project needs, combined with state-of-the-art technology resources, is invaluable to this process.

Below are some of the important tools Resolute's team is able to use in this process:

  • Route/Site Developer
    Point A to Point B Objective Development with adjustable selection criteria.
  • Crossing Report
    Report of crossed and parallel features, property parcels, with quantities per event, and totals per route/site and a list of environmental permits anticipated to be required based on crossed events.
  • Pipeline Estimate Tool
    The Pipeline Estimate Tool creates pipeline estimates and schedules for liquid and gas pipelines. In addition, for liquid pipelines, the tool also performs preliminary hydraulics, elevation profiles, station locations and estimates, as well as maintenance and operations costs and financial analysis, including internal rate of return (IRR). Resolute is currently working on expanding the estimate tool to include the same reports for gas pipelines.
  • Construction Gap Sheet
    Initial setup creates a Pipeline General Contractor Bidding Document, and follows up with Construction Status and Cost Tracking/Invoice sheets for use during Construction.