Leadership in Engineering & Design

Wayne Lagorin

President & CEO

Lagorin has been the lead on some of the largest pipeline, facility, and communication projects in the nation, and has worked for some of the most prestigious energy companies. He has more than 20 years of experience in the energy industry.

  • 6 bay truck loading and unloading rack, Kansas City, engineer/project manager
  • Manifold Replacement, Kansas City, engineer/project manager
  • Long Haul and Metro Fiber Optic Build, San Francisco, engineer/project manager
  • Many Pipeline Relocations, Williams Pipelines, engineer/project manager(Many sizes of line relocations for developers, cities, DOT Highways, Townships, Counties, States)
  • COLO Pump Replacement, Galena Park, engineer/project manager(Pump Replacement Project)
  • Magellan to Teppco Connection, Galena Park, engineer/project manager(included pumps and connection piping)
  • Rocky Mountain Expansion Project, 25 station modifications, and 9 pipeline loops, engineer/project director
  • Pecan Pipeline Project, ND, engineer/project director
  • Large Electric Motors Refurbishment Project, Longhorn Pipeline, engineer/project manager
  • 8 Southern Facility Loading Rack PLC Replacement Project, Engineer/Project Manager
  • Product Tank Installation, Chattanooga, TN, engineer/project manager
  • ONEOK Bakken 500+ miles of 12" NGL pipeline
  • Sterling III 500+ miles of 16" NGL pipeline
  • Gathering systems and various lengths of pipelines in Western Oklahoma

Jeff Hanslik, PE

Senior Principal Engineer/Senior Project Manager

Hanslik has been working as an engineer in the energy industry since 1985. He has tremendous experience as a senior project manager/engineer and has served as a project management consultant/engineer for the past several years.

  • IMM BBL pipeline products terminal, project manager/mechanical engineer
  • Design and construction of several truck and rail loading facilities, project manager/mechanical engineer
  • Wyoming CO2 tertiary recovery project, piping and facility engineering and design

Glen Ellington

Senior Construction Manager

Ellington has held various energy industry roles for more than 40 years. He started in the industry as a welder, progressed to inspection, and has been doing construction management for operating companies and engineering firms for 15 years.

  • Minneapolis Pole-yard Superfund site remediation, resident inspector for Williams Pipeline
  • Centennial Project, chief inspector for Williams Energy
  • Erickson-Holiday Interconnect Project, chief inspector for Williams Pipeline
  • Hutchinson Utilities 93-mile 16” pipeline spread, chief inspector for Hutchinson Utilities
  • Bio-Diesel Injection Project, chief inspector for Magellan Pipeline
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Project in West Tulsa Terminal, chief inspector for Magellan Pipeline
  • Mid-America Pipeline Western Expansion NGL Project, construction manager
  • Fayetteville Greenville Lateral / Gulf Crossing, construction engineer/project coordinator for Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
  • ONEOK Bakken Pipeline, construction project manager
  • ONEOK Sterling III Pipeline, construction project manager
  • SoCal PSEP rehab project, senior construction manager for San Juaquin Valley projects for Sempra Utilities

Troy Blumenthal

Senior Project Manager

Blumenthal has been working in the energy industry since 1990, as an engineer since 1993, with increasing responsibility in the energy sector, leading teams on pipeline & pump station upgrades, new pipeline construction, and metering facilities in Colorado, Texas, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Montana. He brings his experience and attention to detail in proposals, specifications, calculations, drawings and material management.

  • Oil Terminal expansion including pipe, valves, and structural installation, CO, construction manager
  • Propane Plant gas compressor installation, CO, construction manager
  • Rocky Mountain Western Expansion, WY-UT-CO-NM including 25 pump station upgrades, 9 mainline loops, station project manager/engineer
  • NGL extraction plant gas compressor addition, CO, project manager/engineer
  • Pecan Pipeline 76 miles 12” dense phase gas pipeline, ND, project manager/engineer
  • Butane Sphere design and installation, TX, project manager/engineer
  • Bakken Pipeline 512 mile 12” NGL mainline, MT-WY-CO, project manager/engineer
  • Refined Products Terminal pump retrofit including power and controls upgrade, IA, project manager
  • ND Wellpad interconnects (oil, produced water, fresh water, gas) on 32 Capex and 6 Opex AFE's, project manager/design lead/engineer
  • Debottleneck 8” oil pipeline and terminal interconnect, ND, project manager/design lead/engineer
  • Elk Creek Pipeline 268 mile 20” NGL mainline, WY, project manager/engineer

Full resumes for these and other members of our Team are available on request.