Sustainability -- A New Frontier

There is no question, the Energy Industry is in a state of transition. Companies providing energy for our nation and the world are rethinking and retooling the way energy is produced, delivered, and even utilized. It's a new frontier. The focus has switched to sustainability and providing "greener" solutions to energy demands. The Oil and Gas Industry is certainly part of this effort.

Oil and Gas companies are evaluating their processes, looking for innovative ways to reduce their collective carbon footprint, be good environmental stewards, and follow regulations designed to protect the environment and the people they serve.

Our team at Resolute is ready to help you navigate this changing landscape.

Resolute recognizes that our contribution to this new horizon may be most significantly focused on how we can help our clients win the race to harness new technologies and processes being considered in our industry. And we can do that by following new and innovative ideas from within our own team that promote efficiency and environmentally friendly practices, forming partnerships with other companies expanding their sustainability efforts, investigating the possibility of forming alliances with research and development leaders, and constantly exploring ways we can help our clients achieve their goals.

But, the most important thing we can offer is the Resolute team itself.

We have intentionally and methodically built an outstanding, multi-faceted team that melds bright, young, and innovative minds, with seasoned, accomplished, industry veterans.

Our experience enables us to evaluate and anticipate changes in the energy industry and strategically utilize tools and resources that will lead to best Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance and sustainable practices. We have spent this lull in oil and gas projects expanding our roster and adding top talent for any demand that arises.

Across the board, our clients have voiced their intentions to adhere to heightened standards in dealing with the environment, inclusivity and consideration of the communities and people they serve, and best practices in regulating the Oil and Gas Industry.

We understand that whether your focus is reducing natural gas flaring, pursuing carbon capture and sequestration projects, refining hydrogen as an energy source, protecting water and other natural resources, or keeping people safe with quality procedures and equipment, to be a part of your team, it is imperative that we remain at the forefront of utilizing and understanding technology and resources available.

As part of your team, we are held to those same high standards. We are committed to providing a work environment that focuses not only on providing training and advanced technology to address efficiency and ecological issues in every project, but also on providing our workers and the people we deal with every day a safe and protective environment that relies on open, honest communication, integrity and inclusivity for its success.

These aren't just empty promises from Resolute.

We are leading the way by focusing on new tools and technologies associated with implementing carbon capture and hydrogen processes and generation. We are also continuing to broaden our expertise and strategic understanding of safety codes and permitting regulations governing hydrogen and CO2 pipelines.

Sustainability Initiative

  • Carbon Management
    The Oil and Gas Industry will play a significant role in reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. See how Resolute fits in.
  • Carbon Footprint
    Collectively, the world is moving to reduce its carbon footprint. See one way Resolute Engineering's innovative work environment is helping.
  • Hydrogen Energy
    Hydrogen energy is being looked at closely by the energy industry as a clean energy source of the future.