Resolute Construction Gap Sheet

The Resolute Construction Gap Sheet is an important technology we have created to help clients develop bid documents, organize data files and reports, and track costs down to the penny every day on individual spreads of linear pipeline projects.

Imagine having all of that data organized and available at your fingertips at a moment's notice!

After the intial input of data for the individual spread, the Construction Gap Sheet identifies construction trackables and items for bidding and then creates bidding documents that can be shared and used in the bidding process.

At the same time, the software creates important tools your construction managers can use to track and report specfic information about daily work completed. Each day the completed form is filed electronically and the information is input into the Construction Gap Sheet tool, which in turn creates reports and invoices for the work. This gives you a complete, up-to-the-day view of where you are for that particular spread in the project.

If there are changes or reroutes, the Construction Gap Tool can handle that as well. It's just a matter of keystrokes. The Construction Gap Tool will automatically adjust reports, calculations, and data to address any changes that occur or are planned throughout the project.

CLICK HERE to view a pdf demonstration of what you can expect to receive from the Resolute Construction Gap Tool, or click on the image in the menu to the right to view this demonstration.

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