Crossing Reports

While the Route/Site Developer tool run provides the mapping optics to visualize and study a route in context of mapping and satellite imagery, the next step in analyzing a site or linear route comparison is to deep dive into the reports. Summary findings, Detailed reports, and Federal Permit Punch lists are readily available for each route. The route reports can be published as stand-alone, or in tabular form, with competing routes for side-by-side comparisons and contrasts. The detailed report comes in spreadsheet format to break out more data than what comes in the summary report.

The Crossing Reports provide important insight into the nuances of Constraint impacts on a project, giving each stakeholder an opportunity to identify risks, benefits, or desired refinements associated with any particular route. This pre-feasibility phase look into permitting, rights-of-way, utility crossing, and route suitability is an excellent opportunity to find go / no go options based on risk profiles that you determine for your situation.

With the Crossing Reports in hand, we can provide accurate crossing counts, geopolitical, and environmental data quickly, that aids in refining the set points in Resolute Pipeline Estimate Tool, and from there, generate TIC estimates for any and all the route options to make cost and schedule comparisons side-by-side.

Click the links below to view a pdf demonstration of the different types of reports you can expect to receive from the Crossing Reports Tool, or click on the images in the menu to the right to view these demonstrations.

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