Products Terminal Expansion

To protect our clients' interests, images are not taken from the project but are used for graphical purposes only.

Client: Midstream Company

Location: Texas

Start Date: December 2015

Completion Date: July 2016

Utilizing survey data files of existing property boundaries, and facility infrastructure, Resolute’s Civil & Mechanical engineers were tasked with preliminary grassroots layout of a products tank terminal with truck unloading and barge loading capabilities.


  • Considered layout factors such as civil design for site grading cut/fill balance, NFPA tank spacing, facility avoidance, existing access points, and unique property boundaries.
  • Developed Preliminary PFDs showing pump and line sizing.
  • Estimated total project costs, and prepared a preliminary project plan.
  • Prepared a custom geotechnical specification for the unique site geological features, with tank and foundation design in mind.
  • Siting of tankage and impoundment challenges included accommodating a pipeline corridor and HDD workspace for a channel drill within the tank farm boundary.  This required real time communication with multiple client contacts to balance the needs of all parties.

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