Pipeline FEED Study

To protect our clients' interests, images are not taken from the project but are used for graphical purposes only.

Client: Confidential

Location: Midwest

Start Date: March 2016

Completion Date: September 2016

Client needed a pipeline FEED study to determine a full range of operating parameters and costs in order to assess the economics of various cases. Resolute worked with this client to provide this information.

  • Process engineering
    • Pipeline hydraulics and slugging analysis
    • Gas processing design and slugging options
    • Compressor station design and cost and schedule analysis
    • AspenTech HYSYS runs
  • Route selection
  • Procurement and material specification
  • Cost evaluation
    • Monte Carlo Crystal Ball simulations
    • Estimates provided by Resolute Engineering Estimating Tool
  • Project Management
  • The Resolute Engineering team assessed and catalogued multiple simulations for this project, identifying strategic operating parameters for the design of the pipeline. Studies were performed to determine slugging volumes, pigging schedules, and compression horsepower requirements.
  • Vendors and service providers submitted cost estimations for their perspective products and services, which were then used to generate Monte Carlo cost models. Resolute also used our propriatary pipeline estimating software tool to provide addition estimates for different scenarios.
  • The client was provided the information and tools needed to make an informed decision on their pipeline project.

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