WTLPG Expansion II

To protect our clients' interests, images are not taken from the project but are used for graphical purposes only.

Client: ONEOK

Location: West Texas

Start Date: December 2018

Completion Date: April 2020

ONEOK’s West Texas Expansion, originally, included three (3) greenfield NGL pump stations that had an initial capacity of 215,000 BPD, but could be expanded to 600,000 BPD with a station shutdown. Additionally, it included two (2) brownfield stations, which required motor upgrades.

While this project was initially started at another company, Resolute and its team were able to quickly reestablish the project team, including all three discipline specific engineers of record. The project responsibilities included all necessary engineering, design, expediting of ONEOK purchased materials, and construction support for design related issues.

All design work considered ONEOK provided example designs, project safety, quality, constructability, operability, maintainability, schedule and economic requirements, and ensured that the project was designed to all applicable and required regulatory codes and standards.

  • Greenfield Pump Stations
    • Preliminary Design Packages for all Sites
      • The scope for each greenfield station began at the two flanged inlet/outlet valves which are the station ESD valves. From the station ESD, inlet piping will be routed to the pump suction strainers, through all station pumps (in series), through a station control valve, and out of the station.
    • 60% Design / Model Review
    • 90% Design / Model Review
    • IFC Drawing Packages
    • ETAP Modeling (AF, Short Circuit, etc.)
    • Tie-in Scope (two sites included tie-ins to existing facilities)
      • Tie-in scope included all of the necessary piping connections, routing, electricity, and meters required to allow the existing facilities to function in its original function while the new pump stations can operate independently. This included custody transfer meter skids, small volume provers, leak detection meter skids, pressure and flow control valves, and multiple rounds of pipeline control meetings.
  • Greenfield - Civil / Structural
    • Generated survey and geotechnical specifications for each site
    • Development of station plot plans as required
    • Prepare grading plans following approval of station plot plans
    • Engineer and develop foundation drawings based on recommendations from geotechnical report
    • Develop structural steel layout plan along with structural steel details (pipe supports, cable tray supports, etc.)
    • General deliverables included:
      Survey Specifications Grading Plans Equipment Foundation Details
      • Strainers
      • Pumps
      • PDC Buildings
      • Utility and Low-voltage Transformers
      • Flares
      Geotech Specifications Grading Details
      Civil Drawing Index Foundation Location Plans
      General Notes Misc. Foundation Details
      • Light Poles, Bollards, Cable Tray, Sleepers, etc.
      Fencing Details Plot Plans
  • Greenfield - Mechanical
    • PFDs, P&IDs, and Line Lists
    • Piping Plans
    • Piping Isometric Drawings
    • Development and updating of CADWorx Models
    • P&IDs for PHA and PHA Participation
    • General deliverables included:
      Piping and Instrument Diagram
      (P&IDs, Qty. ~12 per greenfield station)
      Piping Isometric Drawings
      MOV Data Sheets CADWorx Model Development
      Key Piping Plot Plans BOM Generation
      Piping Plans  
  • Greenfield - Electrical & Instrumentation
    • Electrical One-line
    • Instrument Index
    • Conduit and Cable Schedules
    • Hazardous Area Classification Plans
    • Loop Drawings
    • PLC drawings
    • Installation Details (grounding, lighting, conduit, etc.)
    • ETAP Models
    • General deliverables included:
      Area Classification Plans Electrical Plan - Manifold Areas Instrument Specifications
      Electrical Plans - MCCs Communication Wiring Drawings Conduit And Cable Schedules - Tie-in Scope
      Area Classification Details ETAP Power Studies Motor Control Schematic - MOVs
      Utility Side One-line Diagrams (Medium Voltage) Electrical Plan - VFDs Instrument Loop Sheets
      Electrical Plans - Transformers Pump Control System Interface Wiring Conduit/Cable Routing Plans
      Misc. Details- Control / MCC Building Conduit And Cable Schedules - Power Electrical Ground Plans
      Station Side One-line Diagrams (Medium Voltage) Electrical Plan - Fire and Gas Detection Grounding Details Grounding
      Electrical Plan - Pump Areas Instrument Index Instrument Installation Details (Typicals)
      Details - Miscellaneous Conduit And Cable Schedules - Control & Instruments  
      480V One-line Diagrams Electrical Diagram 480 VDC Distribution Panel  
  • Brownfield Pump Station
    • Expediting of new pump motors.
    • Updated ETAP Modeling (AF, Short Circuit, etc.)
    • Confirmed existing motor leads were acceptable for re-use.
  • Procurement & Expediting of Major Equipment
    • The project required using go-by specifications adapted to site locations and included major station equipment (shown below):
      480v Transformers Pump Seals PDC Buildings
      Station Instrumentation Cable Buses VFDs
      Small Volume Prover Custody Transfer & Leak Detection Meter Skids Expanding Gate Valves
      ESV Ball Valves with Actuators Station Strainers Bulk Pipe, Valves, and Fittings
      Manual Large Bore Ball Valves Large Bore (900#) Check Valves Reclosers
      Sulzer Pipeline Pumps Pump Motors (3,500 HP) Flares
      Valve Actuators Utility Transformers PLC Panels
      Pump Lube Oil Panels Control Valves  
  • Brownfield - Mechanical
    • Drawing Index
    • Update Piping and Instrument Diagrams
  • Brownfield - Electrical & Instrumentation
    • Update One-line Diagrams
    • Update Conduit & Cable Schedule - Power
    • Update Conduit & Cable Schedule - Controls & Instrumentation
    • Verify Existing Electrical Wiring, Switchgear and Grounding
    • Control Building / MCC - Plan Above Grade Conduit/Cable Routing
    • Update Instrument Loop Sheets
  • Geotechnical Results
    • One station had particularly wet and clayish soil where piers would not be desirable. So, this station required the use of spread footers, while all other stations were typically standard using piers.
  • Tie-in Scope
    • Two "greenfield" stations were actually "brownfield" due to the amount of tie-ins to existing pipelines and above-ground station piping.
    • This resulted in a very large amount of tie-in work that required an additional project manager / engineer to manage that scope.
  • Pipeline Interfacing
    • One station was the intersection of two major pipeline assets owned by the same operator. However, both assets are operated by different groups internal to the operator. This was the topic of countless meetings regarding who would have control of what valves to prevent the flow or the lack of flow on each of the given pipelines.
    • After many meetings, this topic was finally escalated to a level much higher than the project itself.

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