Taylor Lagorin Named President of Tulsa Pipe Liners Club

From Scholarship Winner to President


Taylor Lagorin, Vice President of Business Development for Resolute Engineering, will serve as president for the Tulsa Pipe Liners Club through next summer. He has previously held the office of secretary, treasurer, and vice president.

Lagorin actually began his involvement with the Tulsa Pipe Liners Club when he was named a Pipe Liners scholarship recipient during his time at Oklahoma State University. Upon graduating, he returned to Tulsa and took a position with Resolute Engineering as the company was just incorporating.

He joined the Tulsa Pipe Liners Club and was active in many of their activities, including the clay shoot, which is one of the Pipe Liners' main scholarship events.

In 2016, Lagorin became secretary for the organization. He was one of the youngest members to become an officer, and also the first former scholarship winner to serve as an officer. Since that time, Lagorin has served on many committees and helped organize and host many events. 

Lagorin will serve as president this year and then next year will serve on the Board of Directors to finish his leadership rotation with Tulsa Pipe Liners Club.

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