Supercritical CO2 Pipelines

To protect our clients' interests, images are not taken from the project but are used for graphical purposes only.

Client: Confidential

Location: Confidential

Start Date: June 2021

Completion Date: August 2021

Resolute has assisted a client with CO2 pipeline routing, scheduling, detailed reports, KMZ files of chosen routes, pipeline estimates, hydraulic reports from symmetry process models, and pump specifications to allow the client to review options during project budget creation and frontend planning stages.

  • Resolute worked closely with this client to ensure they had the most accurate information needed for route selection and gave the client critical options during the project budget creation and frontend planning stages. 
    • Prepared deatiled reports
    • Provided KMZ files of chosen routes
    • Prepared Pipeline estimates
    • Delivered hydraulic reports from Symmetry process models
    • Provided pump specifications
    • Provided project schedule
  • Allowed client to review critical information that aided in their decisions during the budgeting and planning stages of projects.

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